Hyperledger Challenge 2022
18 January - 2 August 2022
Collaborating to overcome today’s and tomorrow’s challenges
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Challenge Overview

The Hyperledger community is launching the Hyperledger Challenge to harness the power of communities to ideate, develop, and launch innovative solutions developed using open-source technologies. Any innovation that advances the current state-of-the-art of enterprise-grade distributed ledger technologies leveraging one or more Hyperledger projects is eligible for the Hyperledger Challenge.

The Challenge will feature three rounds, called “Ideate”, “Prototype”, and “Launch”, to develop innovations from idea to sustainable solutions in the manner of months. Innovators competing in the challenges will have access to training, mentors and the Hyperledger community to support the development of their solution. The Hyperledger community is committed to be a driving force to incorporating Diversity, Civility, and Inclusion into programs. Innovators are greatly encouraged to consider diversity and inclusion when developing their teams.

The Hyperledger Foundation is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. Therefore, all innovators of the Hyperledger Challenge are requested to visit the Hyperledger Code of Conduct and Antitrust Policy Notice.

Prototype Phase Has Begun


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Along with the organizers of the event, the extended-team includes community champions, subject matters experts, challenge ambassadors, jury members ,regional co-ordinators!

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